Les Adieux


for ensemble

durata » 9′

to Matthias Pintscher and Susanna Mälkki

1(picc, alt).1.1(bass).1 – 1(picc).1.1.0 – 2 perc, arpa, pno –

May 1, 2004 was the 100st anniversary of the death of Antonín Dvořák (1841-2004). Although Dvořák is considered as a bright and cheerful composer, the beginning of his career was shaded by death. It was the death of his first three children who passed away in fast succession in 1875-1877. Dvořák, now in his mid-thirties and once again childless, wrote under the tragic circumstances first of his phenomenal works. My piece is dedicated to Dvořák in those years. The name of the piece is borrowed from the famous piano sonata from Beethoven. Also the famous introductory cadence from this sonata appears in my piece: three times - once for each of Dvořák's children.