Future Family


a script for four sound actors with string instruments in 24 moments

commissioned by Philharmonie de Paris, ProQuartet, Bozar de Bruxelles and Streichquartettfest Heidelberg

first performance

Quatuor Diotima

15/1/2018 » Philharmonie de Paris, Paris

durata » 30′ or more

1_Now 2_”The” Question 3_Speed 4_Small Talk 5_Heat 6_Bodies 7_Hearts 8_Learning 9_Money 10_Gaming 11_Dirt 12_Shards I 13_Kaleidoscope 14_Shards II 15_OMG 16_Blue 17_Shards III 18_Chill 19_Port 20_Touch 21_B/W 22_Night 23_Alone 24_Out program note violin - violon (m) - Violine (f) - housle (f pl) viola - alto (m) - Bratsche (f) - viola (f) violoncello - violoncelle (m) - Violoncello (n) - violoncello (n) string quartet - Streichquartett (n) - quatuor à cordes (m) - smyčcový kvartet (m) family - famille (f) - Familie (f) - rodina (f) During the past few years, my own family has changed in many unexpected ways. Patterns have emerged that I had never imagined before. It made me think afresh about the very concept of family. About the distribution of love, responsibility, and power… About all the small moments that create an incredibly subtle and unpredictable net of relationships. And especially about all the new freedoms and choices we have in the 21st century to shape our families. There are so many new options. We just need to have the courage and honesty to make them happen. In ‘Future Family’ the musicians have to make similar choices to family members. They do not play instrumental parts, they choose sound roles. Each of the four roles can be played by any of the four instruments. Even more, they can be played by any combination of the four strings. In the score there is a suggested solution that the most musically convenient choice be made. Perhaps it is the best one, perhaps it is only the stereotypical one, or perhaps the musicians can develop a far more challenging and fascinating solution. They are free to discover. We are free to discover.